Olly Murs Takes It All Off For The Fans, Gets Undies Stolen In Texas

If you’re only hearing about Brit singer Olly Murs because of his opening slot on One Direction’s summer U.S. tour then there’s one thing you need to know about his devotion to his fans: it goes all the way. All the way until he’s naked.

Murs released an album in the UK back in 2011 and made a promise to his fans: if the first single went to #1 he’d get naked. And when he got that #1, he saw it through and stripped all the way down, as he told CBS Local.

“It’s 100% true, I did get naked. I set a promise to the label, and to press and magazines. I said if I had a #1 record in the UK for my first single, I’d get naked for a photo shoot. Which I did.”

Murs went on, saying he didn’t mind the experience.

“I don’t mind being a sexual object for my fans. For female fans. Even male fans. To be honest, I’ve never had this kind of attention before so to be in a position where girls want to take your clothes off, and see you naked, and actually buy into that is amazing for me. Normally I turn the light off when I get my body out. For the ladies wanting to see that it was fun, it was a good laugh.”

It’s not just his Brit fans who want a piece of Olly. It seems when he was opening for One Direction in Texas this weekend, some fans got onto his bus and took home a little souvenir.

The underwear bandits claim to have stumbled upon Olly’s bus at a venue in Texas, grabbed a long piece of wire, and fished in his tour bus until they pulled the boxers out.

No official response from Olly on Boxergate yet, other than, “You know when you get this kind of attention it’s nice. It’s nice, it’s quite flattering.”

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local


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