Colbie Caillat On Making Her Bus Feel Like Home

Life on the road can often be a grueling experience. Currently spending her summer on tour with Gavin DeGraw and Andy Grammer, Colbie Caillat told CBS Local how she makes her tour bus feel like home.

“We make our tour bus totally at home. I bring my down comforter and my pillows and my dog Mate,” she said.

In addition to making her bus comfortable, Colbie’s friends tag along.

“One of my best friends is doing my hair on the road so it’s really fun to have [her]. We’ve been best friends since we were 11-years-old so to have that familiarity [is important],” she said.

Setting the right ambiance on the bus is key too and Colbie has everything she needs for those long months on the road: movies, candles and food.

“We bring all of our own food,” she said. “We have a stove on the bus so we make dinner together every night [and] try to feel as much at home as possible because being away from home for a month and a half at a time can be a scary thing.”

– Annie Reuter CBS Local


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