How Hot Is It In Pittsburgh: It’s So Hot…

AllĀ  we can do is laugh. And ah, sweat. When it gets this hot, out come the slip n slides, the sprinklers and the bad “how hot is it” jokes. We did hear some good one’s today.

It’s so hot:

1) For the shade, Anderson Cooper went back INTO the closet.

2) Jay Leno stabbed Conan O’Brien in the back with an icicle.

3) Alec Baldwin punched Al Roker.

4) Miley Cyrus’ side-boobs are sun burnt.

5) When you went to see “Magic Mike” there were more shirtless guys in the audience than there were in the movie.

6) Your wife tells it’s too hot to have sex, instead of telling you she’s too tired to have sex.

Do you have one to share? Please do in the comments section below. And stay cool my friend!


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