Really Dads? Fighting At Little League Games

Yes, this happens.  You know it.  You can’t deny it.  Maybe you’ve seen it.  Or..better yet….have you done this?

In Georgia, at a little league game, fathers got into a major fist fight at the game where police had to escort some Dads out of the field.

Watch the video here.

The little league Dads (ages 36 and 38) allegedly got into a heated fight with words over music that one of the Dads was playing after the game.  Words turned into fists and before anyone knew it they were on the grass throwing punches and as you can see it was all caught on tape.

You can hear kids screaming in the background to have someone call police.  You can even hear someone say..”Come on guys..set an example here.”

The police did show and the Dads were charged with one count each of disorderly conduct.  FOX news reported that the President of the Little League said that these Dads should be banned from all Little League youth sports.  Read more here.

Bubba has talked in length about this on the air here.  He and his wife were even involved in a bit of a dispute of their own.  Theirs involved the refs though.  Bubba was appalled with this and the level these fathers went to fight in public in front of kids.  Are you?   We will be talking about this at 9am today.  Call us at 412-922-1007 or text us at 27166.  We want to hear from you!

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