My Daughter Is A Backup Dancer For Lil Jon

After thousands of dollars, hundreds of dance costumes and a million trips to and from the dance studio and competitions, I’m not sure we ever thought it would lead to our 19-year-old daughter dancing for Lil Jon. But how many kids, helping to put themselves through one of the best dance schools in the country, Point Park University can make that claim.

At 5’1″ our Rudy is probably never going to dance the Nutcracker ballet or join the kick line with the Rockettes, but she is getting some early professional experience as a member of the “Sparks” dance team for the Pittsburgh Power indoor football team.

It’s that connection that lead to her being picked to dance back up for Lil Jon when he performed at Diesel Club Lounge on the South Side Friday night. Rudy posted on facebook, “got out of our minds with Lil Jon.”

As a Dad I certainly wish dancing came with a couple of more stitches of clothing, but I’m really proud of her whether it’s as a dancer for Lil Jon, performing on Broadway or owning her own dance studio one day. Just as long as she thanks her Mother a million and one times for doing the hauling, costume sewing and for being her #1 fan. Moms are the best aren’t they?



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