Driving Can Be Dangerous To Your Marriage

A new study suggests that the road to a happy marriage starts with driving to work with your spouse.

Boy, did we get an earful from you backseat drivers. From smokers and non-smokers to bicyclists to female truck drivers, you had a lot to say about sharing rush hours with your other half.

Your calls to the show today indicate you’re most likely in for a rough ride if you attempt to negotiate who drives the car and who drives the radio.

Listen below to listeners who said:

“Last time I put my wife on my ten-speed she kinda freaked out.”

“He drives in the morning and I drive home.”

“I would never want my husband in a truck with me.”

“I like to smoke on my way to work.”

“The problem was the radio, what he wanted to listen to and what I wanted to listen to,”

Your conclusion, though driving together can turn into a positive experience, most husbands and wives are better off not meeting where the rubber meets the road, at least not to and from work. Maybe the “key” to a successful marriage is avoiding “driving” each other crazy.


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