Worst Pick Up Line Ever

Worst pick up line ever? Has to be, “What’s your sign,” right?

Or maybe, “I seemed to have lost my phone number, can I borrow yours?”

Has this ever been used on you, “You must have a broom, because you’re sweeping me off my feet?”

You had plenty to add to the list today when I asked you what was the worst pick up line you had ever heard.
Like, “I got cable.” And it worked!

The old alphabet line…

Or, we all remember the farmer’s daughter pick up line…

This was a new one for me…

And finally the cocktail double entendre…

The only line I ever used, and I don’t consider it a pick up line was, “Is anyone sitting here?” Come on, that doesn’t count does it? At least it certainly doesn’t deserve to be on the list of “worst” pick up lines anyway.

Oh, and what is your sign?


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