Scott Alexander: Teacher Claims The Best 3 Things About Teaching Are June, July And August

The back to school talk is getting louder and louder as we approach mid August. Can you believe it? Where did the summer go, right?

When I caught up with a friend of mine in Baltimore on the phone this morning he said his wife, a teacher was a little blue knowing her 3 month summer vacation was nearly over. After I got past the resentment of a 9-month-a-year job I decided to throw the subject out to you to get your take.

What a mixed bag of feelings from teachers. From, “It’s the greatest time of the year,” to a teacher that quoted some kind of teachers creed: “the best 3 things are June, July and August.”

Generally speaking, I got the impression from the teachers that called the show that even if they love their summers off, they genuinely love what they do and realize it is a special privilege to mentor our children.

Of course the summers off aren’t bad either.

Take a listen to the teachers that called in today:

“It’s the greatest time of the year.”

Already back in the classroom.

“That’s such a myth.”

“Hi, my name is Molly and I’m a teacher.”

“Best 3 things are June, July and August.”


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