Ladies Avery On Grey’s Anatomy Is Off The Market

Well, the inevitable happened.  Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy (who plays Dr. Jackson Avery) got married over the weekend.  Sad for me.  Sadder for my friend who LOVES him.  I don’t know really what we expect from Hollywood stars.  To stay single?  So, you know, one day we will run into them and they will fall madly in love with us?  A normal woman?  Ha!
Keep dreaming.
I wondered who this mystery woman was that Jesse married.  He met her 5 years ago (they’ve been dating that long) when he was a teacher in NY.  Yep..Jesse was a school teacher.  He taught HS and MS.   His kids thought he was really good looking and that he should act.  The rest is history.

Her name is Aryn Drake-Lee and she is a real estate broker and now Mrs. Jesse Williams.  They got married in LA on Saturday.  They are allegedly MADLY in love.  Williams is 31 and Lee is 32.  Jesse said Aryn has stuck by him through all phases of his career.

Are you ready for the biggest turn on he has for her?  Here it is ladies.
“She is her own person and being intelligent & self-made is a big deal for me.”

Go ahead Aryn!  You snagged yourself a 10.

Read about it here.  All about Jesse Williams scoop here.



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