9-11 “Heaven” Tribute Song

It has been 11 years since the terrorist attacks on our country. You will be hearing and seeing a lot of tributes over the next few days. Last year, marking the 10th anniversary, we posted this tribute song. Your response was so great, we’ve reposted it again this year.

This was set to the music of the 2002 song “Heaven” by DJ Sammy. Have some tissues ready.

Listen to the song.

Here is the link to the song: 9-11 Heaven tribute song

We want you to leave us your comments below.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JennyGothicJade Jenny Jade

    This song is very sad. My cheeks are cold from the tears. DJ Sammy’s song Heaven was my wedding song. Now, it is a sweet tribute to 9/11. I am happy to see it use for something great. Heroes lives forever in your hearts.

    • shawn carden

      Well, I truly am sorry to hear that. Im sorry for your loss, but answer me this Haze; would you rather him suffer in this terrible world we call Earth with all its pain, sorrow and fear or are you happy for him because he is waiting for you in a place where none of those things exist? Dont dread on bad things, look at the fact that he sees you day after day, so be sure that if you dont do anything else, at leats make him proud. He is waiting up in Heaven to hold you in his arms once more! Im sure now if you see it in that light you will be just fine. You have a good day!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001543247904 Haze Spehar

    This song is awesome – my Daddy died earlier this year, and I cried so hard I almost wrecked.

    • http://Astarvipmember Stephanie B

      Aw i am so sorry to hear that, but I hope you felt the therapeutic value in it I know you cried but i can almost bet you felt this feeling in your chest during the song and when the song was over i bet it was lifted and it felt freeing huh? Well I hope I am right. I am sure your dad loves you so much and there nothing bad that comes from that! i also thought it was beautiful! Thanks for sharing something so personal! I hope all is well in your family as well as your heart! <3

  • Terri Barnhart

    A beautiful tribute to all that gave all they had on 9/11…May we never forget!

  • L.C.

    I feel for families who lost loved ones on 9/11, but I think this song is just plain awful. Why on earth add to a painful memory?

    If you must play a tribute song, go for a positive message song like Cilo Green’s Thank You.
    Or better yet, skip the tribute songs all together and encourage your listeners to donate to the Red Cross or other worthy charity. I think that is a far better tribute than playing terrible songs.

    • TAMMY

      I am sorry you feel that way, we as America come together with music we all relate to songs, I am sad that you want everyone to forget the pain that day, to some people music is a way to let go. Some people can never let go of the pain….. God Bless You!!!

    • Mark Pierce

      Yes exactly, don’t use a clean song with a moving message that could possibly incite reverence for those in pain. Instead, use a song that was initially titled with an expletive, and considered by most “families” as extremely offensive (Cee Lo Gree). That would likely be a more appropriate choice don’t you think? I’m pretty certain that Cee Lo Green made that song to honor folks for their service, and it had nothing to do with keeping his #1 hit in the limelight for a little longer. Because that would send more money his way….and an ‘artist’ that would sing such a hit as “F*** You” would never attempt to capitalize on the opportunity to make a extra dime at the expense of the morality.
      *sarcasm for the lamen*

    • shawn carden

      You know why we make these tribute songs? so that people like you dont forget about the fact that even though you may not have lost someone in that attack, others did. These tribute songs arent to make you cry, they are to make you understand, make you consider, make you remember. Rememer that 9/11 shows that we as Americans will not fall, its been ten years now i presume you know, and guess what? We are still here. God Bless America and all those who lost their lives protecting it. If you want to say this song is awful, why dont you go out to war? Unless you do that you have no room to give that opinion, not until you are part of it!

      • http://Astarvipmember Stephanie B

        @ Shawn all i can say to your comment is EXACTLY!!!!!! I could not have said any better! I love it! You have a beautiful soul and humble memories. Thank you soooo much for sharing!

    • Kay

      I agree with you totally

    • http://Astarvipmember Stephanie B

      i understand your point of view but why say such mean things about something so serious when there is people who think it’s beautiful. And the kids and families that put the words, heart, and soul into making this song and for you to say basically that their memories are awful to hear (because that’s what the song is, is their memories put into the song) is a insult to the people and families that had lost people in the attack and love the song. Yes it is hard to listen to, it is very painful to hear the kids but it is also very beautiful to hear them talk to their family members that they love and think of as heros. It is positive to express your love and pain and the relief and therapy that comes along with it. It may not be for you so you don’t have to listen, but for others it’s beautiful. Yes I cried my eyes out, but after it was over it gave me a warm feeling like i had just got something off my chest and it felt very freeing. That’s just my view. But if my view was as yours is, I certainly would not have said it was awful. That’s distasteful, and if I felt I needed to say something I would have cut out the “awful” words and just said it’s hard to listen to and that you like the other song because for you it’s more uplifting but that you respect the people who love it and the people who lost loved ones and put their time, pain, love, and memories into it. It’s not star 100.7 that made the song and if it was given to them to play because it’s been made as a “national tribute song” (among others) then they had to play it. And many want to hear it and some don’t and i always respect others and their opinions so u should do the same………I’m just sayin! I mean no DISRESPECT……………………………Stephanie B Pittsburgh and an American citizen who feels for all who lost someone and were affected by this awful tragedy. May God and/or peace be within your hearts. What ever you believe in I hope it gets you threw this tough time, and hope that all are able to celebrate their loved ones and heros of 9/11 No matter what you believe happened that day. <3 <3 <3 <3 Thank you star 100.7 and thank you all who contributed to any part of relief and rebuild efforts as well as the men and women who have lost their lives for us.


    That is one strong song, not a dry eye in our office… God Bless America!!!!!

  • jess

    This song is so sad!! my husband recently returned from Afghanistan and we have two small daughters. i dreaded having to explain to them that daddy was in heaven! im so thankful he is home but my heart goes out to all the moms and dads out there that do have to explain such hard to grasp concept to such innocent children! we need to be reminded that not only are those men and women heros so are the families that support them!

  • http://www.facebook.com/missyd07 Missy Davis

    Wow what a tear jerker!! My heart goes out to each and every one that has to relive this memory. God bless!!

  • Marie

    I am a Canadian and I was up there on top of the WTC in May 2001, looking down at all those floors below me. I was at work on 09/11 when I saw those planes hitting those towers and I cried so uncontrollably because I talked to so many people up there, and I realized it could have been me up there in panic and dying. I know for sure that God was there that day because there could have been so many more gone had “fate” not intervened. I prayed every day for the last 10 years for all the families that were touched by this tragedy, and I know beyond a doubt that we well all see them again one day. God Bless you All,

  • http://www.facebook.com/susanne.bryner Susanne Kratovel-Bryner

    Wow! That has to be the most moving tribute song ever! I was balling all the way through and I can’t even think of the song now without balling. Yes you should play this every hour on the hour this weekend so people will remember the devistation it caused.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=747701423 Lori Harms

    This was a great Tribute song! I cried my eyes out but it was so worth listening too! I will never forget where I was that day. My heart goes out to all of the people who lost someone that day and to all of the men and women who did not run away but ran into the towers. To all of our first responders thank you for everything that you do everyday. You are always willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to help people you don’t know. God bless our first responders, all of the victims families and the U.S.A.

  • Sally Godek

    wow!! this is so heart wrenching…my heart goes out to all who have lost their loved one’s in this horrific tragedy. May you all feel comfort knowing that your loved one’s rest in God’s arms…forever protected. May God be with you all on this difficult and sad anniversary… much love…Sally from West Mifflin, Pa

  • Kris

    As hard as it is not to cry during this song, I think it is so importent for all of us to listen to it! We should never forget September 11, 2001! Too many innocent lives were lost that day. If listening to this song makes just one person remember, then it was more than worth the playing time.
    Always remember, Never Forget, September 11, 2001.

  • YinzerinCT

    i live about 30 miles from Manhattan, and while I appreciate the effort, this is borderline offensive.
    happy if it helps some of you cope who are more withdrawn from living with the realities of it, but you would never hear something like that in this area.

    • Melinda

      I could not agree with you more. I think there are more respectful and appropriate ways for us to remember those who were killed that day, the immense grief of their families, and the sacrifice that all who survived, the emt’s, the firefighters, the police, and our soldiers have done and gone through that day and every day for the past 10 years.

      • http://Facebook Janis Dunbar

        For those who don’t appreciate song. People who have lost loved ones WANT to talk about them and remember. It probably means alot to the children because it reflects their feelings. Having lost loved ones as a child I always wondered if they could SEE me. Their frustration is revealed in this song. We need to mourn with them.

      • Tammy

        I do not believe it is offensive to pay a tribute and let the victims families see that we have seen what they have endured, and that we are here for them as a whole country. This day will be remembered by everyone who lived to see and for generations that will come to be, it is part of our history and for some still apart of their everyday lives.

      • Natalie

        u suck i know a girl whos mom died that day she listened to this song in 2002 and this year. it helps her heal.

    • shelly

      really??? sad you think that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike

    its so hard to believe its been ten years since the horrifying attacks that took numerous lives of friends and loved ones. they will never be forgotten, they will always be in our hearts for evermore. the song is very depressing, i started to cry the second i heard it. i am a father of two daughters and i had droppped my older daughter off at preschool that september morning, i knew nothing of it till later that day. i would just like to send sympathy to all who have lost friends and loved ones on that horrible day.

  • melissa

    what a song. it is a very good song. i cryed so hard. my brother is a firemen and it would not be the same with out him

    • Wendy

      Agreed!!! A very powerful song!!! My husband and I both are volunteer firefighters and I am not in any way, shape or form offended by this song! We are reminded everytime that pager goes off and the siren wails of the loss that this country suffered on that frightful day. We will NEVER forget those who lost their lives and the families that lost their loved ones!! We do what we do for a resaon, and it is sad that there are people out there that are offended by this song. Those families are reminded everyday of that tragic event, song or no song!!! God bless everyone of us and thanks to those who serve our country and fight for our freedom and hope that a tragedy of this magnitude NEVER happens again!!!!

  • jennifer falbo

    wow was that powerful. brought me to tears.

  • jennifer

    while i have not lost a loved one like the amazing children in this song have….my love, my husband changed his job when this happend to help serve amd protect us all! god bless all the the angels who died on 9/11/01, bless the familes of all the ones lost! also….god bless you all who sereve and protect us now, so we dont live a nightmare again!

  • Tammy Copeland

    As soon as the little girl started talking, the tears started flowing. That is the most beautiful and respectful e9/11 tribute song I have ever heard. I would love to hear this song brodcacst nation no worldwide on Sunday, and every anneversary.

  • Cayli Coey

    this song is very moving i like it very much even though it makes me cry i say dont listen to it without someone u love with u god bless those poor families tht lost their parents grandparents brothers sisters daughters in this tragedy GOD BLESS THEM!!


    This song is repulsive. I am sorry for anyone who has suffered a loss due to the 911 Attacks. Shame on any parent who memorialize their spouses death in despair instead of helping their child heal (not that a child that age would actually remember the death of her father). I’d prefer to hear songs about the event or the strength of America or soldiers who provide the blanket of freedom under which we sleep every night. I appreciate the thought of remembering 911; but the song is awful & annoying.

    • Tammy

      Just so you are aware, children remember many things, especially their parents. This is not memorializing in despair, this is letting them know it is ok to remember the people they lost and through tears comes healing. How dare you tell people how to feel. Shame on you!

    • Michelle

      Who are you to cast shame on how anyone else chooses to memorialize their loved ones? And to follow that up by presuming young children would not remember their deceased parents is deplorable. The only “awful and annoying” thing that I see here is your arrogant, ignorant, and heartless comment.

    • shelly

      your annoying

  • http://www.facebook.com/pabloj13 Paul Jenkins

    Absolutely beautiful. What a tearjerker.

  • Amanda woomer

    i love this song. im in tears listening to it but its great.reminder of those who really had to change little kids who wont have there dad for the.father daughter dance and those kids wbo cant go rumning to tjere mother when they fall and get hurt.

  • Dave

    It is a great tribute song.. My heart goes out to the familys that lost love one’s.. I have friends that are fighting for our freedom, and so this will.never happen again.. GOD BLESS….

  • Justin

    Pretty sure that this is what Open House Party plays at the end of every night, but instead of a girls story callers say good night / something sad to people.

  • Jenna

    Wow, Anyone who commented about this song being awful or offensive is crazy. This is something beautiful to remember what happend that day. I think this song is better than all the news coverage every year the anniversary comes along. Sometimes having a song to listen to on your own time is better than having it plastered on every news station. We need more ways to remember this tragic day in history.

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