Bubba Show World Tour Gangnam Style

Shelley and I..we have a goal..a goal to get Bubba to somehow perfect the dance this week and awkwardly do a drive by of Gangnam Style into an on air studio of one of our other stations or even our bosses office.  Big meeting at the Mayor’s office?  Stand by.  We are working on it.

If you haven’t seen the the video from PSY check it out.

Here is Britney Spears on Ellen getting taught the dance from the creator/singer.  Simon Cowell was on the show too and called it brilliant!

Britney debuts on the X Factor tonight.  I will tune in.  I doubt train wreck Britney happens opening night.  You think?   Get your X Factor details here.

What are your suggestions as to where Bubba should debut his perfected dance?  Bosses office?  Steelers locker room?  Leave your comments here.

Here it is!  The FIRST video of Bubba doing the awkward dance at a big sales meeting here at CBS radio today.

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