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Bubba Show: Dysfunctional Family Friday Barb’s Fear Of Jell-0

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

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Dysfunctional Family Friday’s!
This morning Barb came into the studio.  Her fear….Jell-O!

Also other squishy things.

Barb said when she grew up she did not have a lot of money and her parents used to make her finish EVERYTHING which included Jell-O!
Somehow that stuck with her and now she is afraid of Jell-O…liked seriously FREAK OUT scared!

She also is freaked out by gummy worms!


BUT….she agreed to actually put Jell-O in her hand!


If you ever want to be a part of Dysfunctional Family Friday just e-mail me bubba@starpittsburgh.com

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