True Life: I’m turning into my Dad

Ever have one of those moments you realize you’re turning into one of your parents?

I had one of those today after I spilled coffee
all over myself.

(My Dad has a tendency to wear more of his food…and so do I.)

Then I proceeded to heat what was left of my coffee up! Yep Dad thing.

Let’s get to the hot and cold issue!
We were the kids showing up to the beach looking like we just arrived
from Alaska in sweats with blankets wrapped around us because we were
blasted with the AC. Basically he is hot blooded and unfortunately that
trait has been passed down to me. I cannot get comfortable in this
hot/cold weather at night. I have two comforters, three blankets a
nd a fan I toss between.

Maybe it’s just a growing up thing but it makes me feel old realizing
I pick up more and more of these traits everyday. Don’t get me wrong
I am happy to become more like my dad because he is…
…the funniest person I know.

Yeah thermostat issue same thing…


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