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I Married My Brother! Bubba Show Dysfunctional Family Friday

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Yes, you read correctly.  “Christi” (not her real name)  sent Bubba Show an email revealing that she married her brother!  Well, sort of.  “Christi” explains, “I never knew my real dad.  I’d say when I was about 7, my mom got married.  The guy that she married had an adopted son.”

When they were around 18, “Christi” says they realized they had feelings for each other.  “We always realized there was something there between us” and a few years later is when they first became intimate.  Yeah.  Crazy!!

“Christi” says they’re originally from Ohio but moved here to Pittsburgh to keep their secret.  No, NO ONE in the family that raised them knows they’re married! “Christi” says, “My best friend from back home knows, but that’s it.”

You have to hear the whole story.

What do YOU think?  Cute or creepy?

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