Bubba Show D.F.F.: Christy Tells Her Mom She Is Married To Her Brother

This morning Christy came back on Dysfunctional Family Friday with one goal.

Tell her mom that she is married to her brother.

Here’s the back story.

Christy’s Mom married a man who had an adopted son. She was 7 and he was 5.

They were raised as brother and sister.

As they grew older they realized that their love was not brother and sister like.
They moved away from home to Pittsburgh and got married. (sigh)

Apparently Christy’s cousin found out and was threatening to tell her parents, so Christy decided to take up Shelley’s offer and tell her Mom on our show.

Melanie thought it was a really bad idea.  Melanie actually almost had to walk out of the studio while it was happening because it was so uncomfortable.

At one point you can actually hear me snapping at Shelley because she became so uncomfortable she pushed away from the console and was looking at her computer.

In case you missed it.

Here it is!

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