Least Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes of the 100.7 Star Staff

This year’s Thanksgiving feast is almost here so it’s time to decide what you’re going to have with your turkey…not including the food coma after the meal.

Side dishes. Supporting characters in the meal but they can often make or break a great Thanksgiving. We took a quick poll of some of the staff here at 100.7 Star and got their thoughts on their least favorite side dishes.

Check out what they said…

Least Favorite Side Dish

Melanie Taylor: Cranberry Sauce

Scott Alexander: Kahlua gravy (poured it over an entire plate of food once not realizing it was KAHLUA gravy)

Elista: Tie between Cranberry sauce & Stuffing

TJ ‘the DJ’: Bacon. The only time all year bacon is not allowed on the dinner table.

Noah Sherwood: Sweet Potato Casserole

Here are some votes from our sister station, Y108…

Ally: Cranberries

Charlie Mitchell: Anything with cranberries

Now we have to know – what is YOUR least favorite side dish?

By the way, will your turkey be Deep Fried or Oven Roasted? Check out our unique poll where we map out your answers here and let us know. You can also see how your choice matches up with the rest of the Pittsburgh area.


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