Bubba Show Official Listener Lottery Picks

listener lottery picks f Bubba Show Official Listener Lottery Picks

Can you possibly imagine what you would do with more then $500,000,000.00!?!?!

That is a lot of zeroes!

We want to help EVERYONE win….that is more then enough money to go around.

So every 30 minutes today during Bubba Show, we asked you to be caller 10 and you give us your lucky number,
(Between 1 – 59 for the five numbers you pick)

Then the last person that gets through at 9:10 gets to pick the Red Power Ball number
(Between 1 – 35)

You called and selected the Listener Lottery Picks and now, they are all yours.

We will be playing them…..and we hope that we ALL WIN!!!

Good Luck!

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