Bubba Show: 100.7 Angel Project

(Photo credit: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

As we were thinking about what we were going to do on our show taking into consideration the shootings in Newtown CT.  We talked about how there always seems to be TOO much of a focus on the shooter and not the victims.

Here was my example:

Can you name the shooters from Columbine?  Can you name even one of the victims?

We want to change this with our 100.7 Angel Project.

All we are asking you to do is read about the victims of the NewTown massacre.

Find a story that touches your heart. Is it a child that reminds you of your own.

Is it one of the heroic school staff members that saved so many children’s lives?

Pick just one and go out and make or  buy an Angel.  Hang it on your Christmas Tree, or on a wall or mantle.

Hang it there in memorial for one of the lives that were lost on Friday.

Let’s remember the Angels that were lost on Friday so that becomes our focus.

Please e-mail photos of the Angels and who they are for and why you chose them to Bubba@StarPittsburgh.com

Thank you and God Bless


angel olivia engel Bubba Show: 100.7 Angel Project


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