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Melanie Now Believes In Bears

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Moon Bear Rescue Centre In Chengdu

Well, not really.  A couple of weeks ago a black bear was seen, just hanging out in a tree in Cranberry Township.  You can read the whole story here.  But when Melanie heard the story, she once again disputed the fact that there are bears and coyotes roaming anywhere but deep in the woods.

So we decided to talk to Gary Fujack of the PA State Game Commission to confirm there ARE wild animals that make their way into the city and suburbs of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.  Or, as Mel put it, “Bears know where all the good coffee shops are”.  Mel just isn’t buying it.  Fujack says, “Melanie has a nature deficiency” and “needs to go spend some time outside”.

After talking to Gary though, it seems as though Mel might believe that people actually see these animals on highways, at Starbucks, and in malls.   Check out the conversation…

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