Bubba Show: Bubba And Channing Tatum Filming This Weekend

So Saturday I was cast in a part for the movie that was filming this weekend.
Just to let you know,  I am under contract and cannot say anything about the specific scenes that I was in.

I can tell you this. It was amazing!!

From going into wardrobe and them dressing me (not literally)…although what I wore was NOT the most flattering!

To going into make up and them doing hair and make up.  They made my hair grey and made my goatee dark??

It was a long day.  Call time was at noon. (I got stuck in traffic and pulled in at 11:58am).  We filmed til 3am!

One of the coolest experiences of my life.

I can say this. I was involved with every scene that was filmed on Saturday.

Got a chance to meet Channing Tatum and work with him all day and evening.

Super great guy.  Ladies if you wondered what he was like away from the camera….here it is. He was great. Friendly. Nice. Funny.

Just a guys guy. We talked about our restaurants, MMA, boxing, just stuff.

I hope that I make the movie as that would be super cool.

Everyone associated with the movie was amazing, kind and generous to work with.

If you have any questions or comments please post them here and I will get back to with answers (assuming you ask questions I can answer).

But….for you ladies…..here is Channing and I!


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