Demetrius Ivory Goes To Inauguration & Best Photo Bombs

Bubba Show friend and WTAE meteorologist Demetrius Ivory had a special invite to the Inauguration and went!  He said he was 200 yards away from the President and more importantly..BEYONCE he said!  Ha..he said she was “beautiful.”

He said the security was insane.  Just like TSA when entering a plane.  He also said that he saw some weird protesters.  People laying around in blood.  What?

He will take this opportunity as he made history and memories by being invited and being there.  Want to hear what he said about Beyonce and all the BALLS he jumped around to.  Listen here!

Making history with the 2nd term of President Barack Obama the Inauguration festivities were on TV.   Did you watch?  You may have watched it all or saw some highlights today via the internet, social media, radio and TV news.

But, what was really important yesterday?  Are you thinking fashion?   No!! Yes, the Jimmy Choo shoes worn by the First Lady were awesome.  So, was the J Crew & Kate Spade clothes the President’s daughters were wearing.  BUT, NO!

The important details of the day was the photo bombs that happened.

Did you see the President’s daughter Malia photo bomb her Momma and Dad’s tender moment.   Look here.

But, the best one of the day had to be former President Bill Clinton photo bombing singer Kelly Clarkson.  This one is the BEST one I’ve seen in awhile.  Look at it here.

Now that made me laugh out loud.

I realize the day was extremely special and important and I’m not trying to make light of such an amazing event.  But, tell me you didn’t laugh your butt off at these two pictures!

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