The Dark Underbelly Of London Was The Inspiration Of “The A-Team”

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Ed Sheeran plays in 100.7 Star's Baierl Acura Theater

Ed Sheeran plays in 100.7 Star’s Baierl Acura Theater

Ed Sheeran was an 18-year-old struggling musician, bouncing from sofa to sofa, when he volunteered at a homeless shelter in London. There he met, Angel, who inspired his hit single, “The A-Team”. “I had lived in London for a couple of years on my own and I thought I had it bad, not having a lot of money. Then I went and volunteered at this homeless shelter and it really put things in perspective for me.” Ed goes on to tell the audience in the Baierl Acura Theater that although he puts people on the guest list for his shows, he still makes them pay and all the proceeds go to various homeless charities he supports in his native England. “It does two things. It stops people from blaggin’ it and not turning up on the night because they do have to pay. And, it makes people feel good because they’ve made a donation.”

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