Bubba Show: Voodoo Priestess Mama Obeah’s Big Game Curse

This might have been one of the greatest things we have EVER had on our show.


Mama Obeah is a Voodoo Priestess in New Orleans.

Us Steelers fans have a quandry.  We don’t want the Ravens to win, because we can’t stand them.

We don’t want the 49ers to win because that would give them 6 trophies like us.


This is a no win situation on Sunday for our team.  So, what do we do??  We reach out to Mama Obeah for help.

A curse!!

Not for anyone to be harmed of course….but for a endless 0-0 tie.

You see, if the game is never won, then WE win!

It is the #BubbaShowCurse

Listen here:

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