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E-List: Decisions we all should make more often

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double pizza

Ever do something you haven’t in awhile then realize WOW I should do this more often…. That’s exactly how I felt when I started listening to the thong song this morning…

These are the “Decisions We All Should Make More Often”
#7. BLASTING THE RADIO! Because it makes you feel awesome.

#6. Tell our friends their boyfriend/girlfriend sucks when they do… I’d want them to be honest with me and fortunately they all suck so I just expect it now.

#5. Having quiet nights in… as much as I can’t stand doing nothing these can be good… with wine.

#4. Helping ourselves to seconds… mmmhmm you know you want another piece of pizza… we won’t judge.

#3. Asking for help when we need it… no one likes feeling more like an idiot than they already are.

#2. Admitting the truth! It’s probably more entertaining to hear that it was actually YOU who was chewing the pens in studio. I’ll admit it. I have a problem.

#1. Not getting dressed! No pants day… perhaps the best day of the week. So go ahead LAY THERE & be naked!

What decision do you think we all should make more often? Here’s some more awesome decisions!

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