Trending Topic Survey: Things You Do Wrong When You’re Flirting

You might think you got it going oooon. Think again next time you flirt with someone…

Here is what you’re doing wrong (besides creeping everybody out) :

#1.) You’re too aggressive. Women say the biggest flirting mistake a guy can make is being too aggressive. That’s even worse than using a bad pick-up line, or making an inappropriate comment.

#2.) You’re condescending. Men say the biggest flirting mistake a woman can make is EMASCULATING him . . . like offering to give him some money to buy a drink.

#3.) You think everyone who flirts with you is trying to date you. The survey found 54% of men and 41% of women will flirt with someone even if they’re not interested in pursuing anything.

#4.) You aren’t keeping up with the trends. The majority of people say that flirting has evolved from being, quote, “coy and giggling” to having a real conversation where you make fun of each other a little bit.

(Zoosk / FemaleFirst)


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