Lingerie Or Leave Him With Alexa & Dylan

Thursdays seriously make me a nervous wreck.  Every Thursday at 7:35am Bubba Show does Lingerie or Leave Him.  Women contact Bubba via email at ( if they feel their boyfriends are cheating on them. 

This past weeks Lingerie Or Leave Him left us all speechless.  Some weeks they end up positive.  Some …not so much.  We must let you know that these women CONTACT us to put their private and personal lives on air.  We also always have a therapist on stand by in case they are needed.

This week we heard from Alexa and Dylan.  Some of the things we heard this week where

“How could you do this to me?” 

“Yes, I’d like to send it to someone, but I need a moment to get her address.”  “Ali..please..don’t hang up..hold on..I’ve done nothing wrong.” 

“Dylan has been going to bars 4 out of 7 days a week and I believe he is cheating on me.”

Here is the whole Lingerie Or Leave him.  Listen while you cringe the WHOLE time.

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