Lingerie Or Leave Him: Maura And Nolan

She found a phone number in her boyfriend’s pants pocket - was he cheating?
(Photo by JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s another episode of “Lingerie Or Leave ‘Em”.

This week, Maura emailed Bubba Show because she says she “found a phone number in my boyfriend’s pants pocket”.

She admitted that in of itself, it wasn’t a big deal but when he realized she found it, she says “he ripped it out of my hands and ripped it up.”  Hmmmm…

Was he cheating or not?

Bubba Show made a call to Nolan posing as a credit card rewards program representative and told Nolan that because he was such a valued customer, they wanted to show their appreciation.

They explained that a lingerie retailer had recently joined the program and that the credit card company would ship free lingerie to his special someone.

Nolan just had to tell them the name of the lucky lady to whom the lingerie should be delivered.

So what happened? Did Nolan choose to send the lingerie to his girlfriend Maura, or was Maura broken-hearted when Nolan named another woman? Listen to find out.

Lingerie Or Leave Him: Maura And Nolan

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