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Melanie’s Free Fridays: Pets, Contests, Tea, Science & More

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There is SO much happening with SO much FREE you won’t believe it!  Once again thanks to Pittsburgh Frugal Mom Dana!  Look at her amazing FREE greatness at her website here.

Are you ready?

Where should we start?  How about road rage?  Do you have it?  Maybe you don’t want to be annoying and honk that horn always.  With this freebie you will never have to worry about that.  Honk all you want in your own car.  Hurry, supplies probably won’t last.  Look here.  Honk!  Honk!  Honk!

FREE tea?  Tea bag samples for you.  Note:  you have to do a few things in order to get that sample!  It is simple.  Look here.

Almost 50 or 60 degrees this weekend? How about letting those great pets of yours run free and have fun meeting their four legged friends.  Family and friend fun for you too!  This list here is where you can let your pets run FREE off the leash and interact with other animals!

Okay, we all need to drop a few pounds right?  A couple?  There will be FREE weight loss samples for you here!  Good luck.  We all need it before spring and summer comes where we wear less clothing.  Ha!  I’m ready for nicer weather.  You?

If you like coloring your hair (not like with green food coloring for St. Patty’s day) then you can possibly win something FREE here.  Good luck playing.

The Market District has some great FREE events for the kids in their learning and activity center.  Friday, March 8th at 7pm you can let the kids enjoy Monsters Inc., 3D!  Shop while they watch!  Look here.    This is the Robinson location.

The Market District South Hills location has something great too!  If you have kids that love to cook they are offering kids classes for ages 11-15.  But, you must be signed up through the Eagle’s Nest.  They have the classes held at their demo station on March 9th from 12-2pm.  Scoop is here.

Friday, Mark 8th 6-8pm you can let the kids watch The Brave Little Toaster (please look ahead to register) and you can sit and enjoy some beer and food pairing 5-7pm.  Sample beer and food that is paired.  YOU..  not the kiddos!   Register ahead first if you’d like to go and here is where you learn more about the event.

How about a FREE percussion performance at the Alumni Concert Hall on Forbes Avenue on March 10th at 8pm?  It is titled “A Child’s Storm I Want To Play.”  Info is here.

Register for a Monster Jam featuring Monster Mutt as you build, have fun and grow together at Lowe’s! Look here.

If you have a child that is REALLY into science ages K-5 years old it is a FREE program for you all, BUT you have to register first.  Takes a few minutes that is all.  These events happen the 2nd Saturday of each month and this one will be March 9th from 10:30-12pm.  Families are welcome too and all you need to know and to register is here.

Last and SURELY not least…  What is cheese whacking?  Whole Foods is going for a Guinness World Record!  If you can help crack the most wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano at one time!  FREE event at the Wexford location on Saturday, March 9th.  Check it out here!

Have fun and let me know if you checked any of these events out!  Email me anytime to tell me.  Melanie@starpittsburgh.com

Also, 100.7 STAR is not affiliated with any of these events.  We are just spreading the word of FREE thanks to Pittsburgh’s Frugal Mom!  Enjoy!

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