Cher Lloyd Wishes You’d Keep Victoria’s Secret A Secret

When ladies threw their panties on stage during Justin Bieber’s performance at Madison Square Garden, we got it. It’s a fad as old as time, or at least as old as Tom Jones. We show the performers we love just how much we love them by bringing our underwear to their concerts to sacrifice on the alter of their talent.

But when Cher Lloyd stopped by and, in the course of our interview, told us that she’s encountered her fair share of bra throwers we were taken by surprise. Apparently, Lloyd has been as well.

“Okay so this is the perfect question to help me find a way to get into my fans’ brains to ask them why they throw a bra on stage? I have plenty of bras. I’m not in need of a bra. I’m fine. Actually quite physically I probably don’t need a bra,” Lloyd laughed.

While she is, as always, in good humor about this bizarre bra throwing trend, Lloyd explained that it is a hazard to her health when she’s performing.

“I have no shame. Well, there are some things that I’m embarrassed about but I find that really funny. I pick it up, I wave it around and say, ‘Why did you do that?’ And then put it down. It’s very difficult for me, because while I’m performing I’m constantly watching what people are chucking on stage. I don’t want to lose an eye. I don’t want another scar on my face,” Lloyd says gesturing to her forehead. “I’ve already got one up here and that’s a nightmare. I don’t really want to fall on my face. I appreciate it when people don’t chuck things, but now that I’ve said that people will probably chuck more.”


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