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Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him..Mike Is A Jerk

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Today was really different.  Mike was a complete jerk!  I know I was the one reading him the “lines of lies”, but still.  He was SOOO rude to me!

He actually started making fun of me at one point.  Saying..”Did you study to learn to make your voice sound high pitched like that?” 

Then he began mocking me with this line:  “give me the benefit of the doubt, give me the benefit of the doubt. blah blah blah.”

Nicole his girlfriend just had a feeling he was cheating on her.  But, really he (according to our listeners) was just a JERK of a guy and nasty.  He was so rude.

Wait till the ending when you hear Nicole say this: “you know what Mike..I’m done with you.”

What else did she say and how did he respond?

Listen to it all here.

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