‘You Never Tweeted Me Back, John Mayer’

mayer Kristen and scott_crop1John Mayer’s announcement that he is hitting the road and making a stop in Pittsburgh, reminded me of a backstage visit my oldest daughter and I had with John the last time he played First Niagara Pavilion three summers ago.

If you know anything about John Mayer, you know he can be very honest and sarcastic to the point of getting himself into trouble. So when we were standing in the backstage tent waiting for John to arrive for our quick “hello” and photo op, my daughter informed me she was going to ask John why he never tweeted her back. “Never tweeted you back”, really?

First of all, I was concerned she would embarrass herself with such a naive comment. And I admit I was afraid she would embarrass me in the process. And lastly, because John Mayer is known for the aforementioned sarcasm, I was a little worried about how he would respond to her naivety.

So I pleaded with her to not say what she wanted to say. I told her she would embarrass us in front of everybody in the tent and mostly John himself. I really thought I had gotten through to her until we finally made it to the front of the line and Kristen stepped up to John, shook his hand and yes, you  guessed it, uttered those fateful words, “you never tweeted me back”. Ya, she went there.

And then her dad waited with great anticipation for John Mayer’s potentially cutting response. Without any hesitation he shot back, “so you’re the one”. I let the response settle with me for a moment and then I thought, that was a fair comment. Sarcastic, but appropriate.

Now, whether my daughter ever gets another chance to speak to John Mayer, if I have anything to say about it, is still in question. That’s this dad’s appropriate response don’t you think?


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