E-List: Signs You’re Addicted to Love

You know that one person who you constantly check their status, can’t get out of your head, and are pretty much obsessed with?

Yeah, you have a problem. You’re addicted to love. This is how you know…

#7. You believe you have to be with them to be happy…or else you’re a grumpy cat.

#6. You have a creepy tattoo of their face on your calf… ENOUGH Ryan Cabrera!

#5. You can’t stop thinking about ways to get them back … like creepishly running into them at Giant Eagle… stop

#4. You plan your future wedding together…pinterest board and all within a month of starting the relationship.

#3. You can’t stop talking about them. Charlie this. Charlie. Sorry Charlie I don’t wanna hear about you.

#2. You want to name your baby after them… and of course have their babies.

#1. You stalk them. Facebook, Twitter, Checking in on Foursquare…you know everything about their sister’s ex-fiancee’s baby mama… wow you really do have a problem. Stop liking everything.

Feel free to stalk me. I’m here for you. @Elistab


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