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Melanie’s Free Fridays: Music, Kid Fun, Cooking

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Pittsburgh's Frugal Mom

Pittsburgh’s Frugal Mom

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Another great weekend and this one looks to be a bit more SUNNY!  Ha!  Thanks to Pittsburgh Frugal Mom Dana Vento who is a friend of Bubba Show and lets us know of all the FREE great finds she scopes out!  Check out her great website here.  You may have even seen her on TV recently too!

How about some great opera!  April 7th from 2-3:30pm on Liberty Avenue in the Strip.  They are FREE to the public and consists of ONE hour performances.  You can find out more here.

This is awesome!  To all the ladies that want to learn more how to do projects around their houses ( I’m raising my hand, because I stink at this)..there is FREE training for Do It HERSELF workshops that are FREE at your local Home Depot.  You DO have to register but you can learn and meet new people!  The workshops are Flower and Tower Gardens, Succulent gardens, ceramic tiling and more!  FREE workshop info is here.

How about more workshops for the kids!  The first Saturday of every month which means Building a BIRD feeder!  Perfect timing because the weather will be great!  Look at the greatness here!

If you are a fan of IKEA then this is for you!  Maybe you didn’t know.  But, you can bring the kids to the IKEA restaurant and enjoy a FREE craft! It is Tuesday, April 9th from 5-7pm.  Check it all out here.

Do you love to cook?  There are some great events for you here.  South Hills Market District presents Chef Mario Porreca, The Good, The Bad, The Cooks!  It will be Saturday, April 6th, 2013.  Check it out here.

Don’t forget also…if you are coming from the North Shore rides between downtown Pittsburgh and the North Shore are FREE.  Yep.  Check it all out here.

Let us check out some GREAT FREE events in and around the city and your libraries!

How about Family story time at the Squirrel Hill Carnegie Library branch at 11am Saturday, April 6th.  It is an all ages event.  All the scoop is here.

I love music and I think introducing your kids to music at a young age is AWESOME.  So, how about for ages 2-5 years old let them hear some JAZZ!  Homewood Branch at 12:15 on Saturday, April 6th is where the JAZZ fun is at.  The information is all here.

If you love movies..  check this out with the family at the Sewickley Public Library.  There is a family matinee on Saturday, April 6th from 2-4pm.  If you love horses you will love this MORE!  Black Beauty is the feature movie.  The information is here.

Mount Lebanon Library has a cool event for kids ages 10 and up!  On Saturday,  April 6th from 1-3:30pm you can be involved in the South Hills Scrabble club mix. If you love scrabble you will have to check it all out here.

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