Let’s Talk… Passwords

Just when you finally remember that password to an account… “POP Reminder” time to change the password! WHAT? I just wrote that one down on the back of a cereal box and now I need to remember a new one? Are you kidding me?

Then you go to try to track your old password down because you forgot it and this fuzzy screen pops up! Now you gotta decipher whatever is in that shady 3D box of doom.

fuzzy box

Am I the only one who cannot read these? I have 20/20 vision and STILL cannot correctly “Guess what’s in the box!”

This is not a guessing game. I can’t remember my password now ******* give it to me!

Rant over.

Do you forget your passwords? Feel me on the “fuzzy box”? Tweet me @Elistab

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