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The Situation: Should Logan Go to Prom with his Ex?

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Logan calls me up Monday night needing some advice. Now it seems like an easy answer until you get all the details…


LOGAN doesn’t know if he should go to prom with his ex…

Things to keep in mind:

1.) His current girlfriend does not like his ex (duh!) but his ex asked him to her prom…


3.) Logan and his current girlfriend cannot go together because they are both sophomores…

Should he go to prom with his ex? Or should he turn his ex down? Go to prom with his ex say “Sorry girlfriend I’m going… or say sorry ex I can’t… I have a girlfriend?”

What should Logan do? Go to prom with his ex or tell her sorry… I have girlfriend? Let us know! @Elistab

If you’re stuck in a situation and need help/ want to ask the audience, feel free to tweet me or email me: elista@starpittsburgh.com !

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