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Top 10: Worst Thing You Could Ever Say To A Woman

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(Photo/DANNY LAWSON/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo/DANNY LAWSON/AFP/Getty Images)

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We had fun kicking this around on the air today.

Not that any guy (or woman for that matter) has ever been stupid enough to say one of these things to a woman, but if they were, they would go something like this:

10) “Should you be eating that?”

9) “How much did you pay for that haircut?”

8) “Do you need help parking?”

7) “You look more like your Mother every day”

6) “You look tired”

5) “I told you so”

4) “Calm down”

3) “Are you PMSing”

2) “Is it that time of month?”

And the #1 worst thing you could ever say to a woman:

“When are you due?”

My wife actually asked a friend that once who she hadn’t seen in months. The difference was, we knew this friend was pregnant. What we didn’t know was, she had just had the baby. The remaining baby fat was a little misleading.

Now clearly the worst person to ask this question of is someone THAT ISN’T PREGNANT or wasn’t recently. Ouch! Lesson learned. We hope.

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