The Situation: NOT Washing Your Hands In The Restroom

EWW! EWW! EWW! Nadine our lovely front office chick informed me today that while she was in the bathroom, she witnessed someone leave WITHOUT washing their hands after they… did their business. SO GROSS! SO AWKWARD! Fortunately for us she is a very outspoken woman and I am sure had something to say about this to that person, however they left before she realized it!

AHHH! So sick. So awkward. Do you say something to that person who did not wash their hands after using the restroom? GERMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d like to think that person goes back to their desk and used some serious hand sanitizer…

Have you ever been in this situation? Tweet me @Elistab what you think!

If you’re stuck in a situation and want to ask Pittsburgh let us know @starpittsburgh @Elistab


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