E-LIST: The Signs You Are Staying In Too Much

Woohooo! The weekend is here! You could care less. Listen…you can’t just stay in and not enjoy this gorgeous weather!

These are the “Signs you’re staying in too much”:

#7. You lose track of time…COMPLETELY. Last you checked it was day. Now it’s midnight.

#6. You start to get emotionally attached to your novel or tv characters…

#5. You’re fighting with people on the internet… GET OUT! AND HAVE REAL COMMUNICATION!

#4. Your butt is getting bigger from not moving off the couch…

#3. When you finally emerge from your room, you don’t know how to function any longer

#2. You don’t even have to order take out because your delivery guy knows what time you’re going to call & your order

#1. You think sweatpants and crocs are acceptable attire at a night club. Last I checked you can’t get in with a ballcap. (Trust me I’ve tried the sweatpants thing… they’ll make you take them off 😉

Now get out there and enjoy this gorgeous weekend!


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