X Factor’s Josh Krajcik Finds Inspiration Outside His Comfort Zone

Bluesy singer Josh Krajcik was perhaps an unlikely contestant for a reality singing competition, but he wowed America when he auditioned for the first season of the X Factor. The self-described “burrito slinger” stepped on stage to reveal a gravely voice that impressed the judges and viewers alike. His talent took him all the way to the finals and now to the release of his debut album, Blindly Lonely Lovely, released earlier this month.

Krajcik spoke to Radio.com about his songwriting and recording process, at which point he took a moment to tear apart a popular notion people have about how that process works.

“I started working on Blindly Lonely Lovely [in] February [of 2012],” Krajcik recounted. “I recorded it in all different places: a couple of places in L.A., some places up in Calabasas, Malibu and in London — in a couple different parts of London. That’s sort of where the record title comes from. I think some people have this notion that [making a record] you just go into one studio and you make it and you’re done and you walk out. But it’s not really like that. For me it was kind of blindly jumping into a strange city, and a strange place. And being alone. And hoping that something lovely comes from it.”

Read more and see the video on Radio.com.


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