Bubba Show: Melanie’s Mom Reads Hate Emails

So, my Mom is pretty amazing. She is the most kind, sweet,nice and caring woman. She is a retired English teacher from Monessen High School.
Bubba gets a lot of emails. He gives his email out on the radio a lot (bubba@starpittsburgh.com) and we do actually get hate mail.
So, Bubba thought it would be great for my Mom to read these hate emails on the air.
What you will hear will guarantee make you laugh. She does a hilarious job of being her SWEET self reading these.
Some of what you will hear is this ” Bubba, how do you get your own show?” With my Mom responding “Bubba keep positive, we need more love in the world.”
There is also one that says “Lingerie Or Leave Him is a horrible segment and I turn 100.7 off every time it comes on.” To which my Mom responded partly like this ” I agree, there is such a high divorce rate these days we should stop that radio segment.”
We received a lot of callers after Mom read the emails of listeners who enjoyed her. Maybe she can do this more regularly! Ha! She’s the best. Listen here.

Melanie's Mom Reads Hate Email

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