Brad Pitt Excited About Muse Song In World War Z Soundtrack

Muse played a full concert for approximately 15,000 fans last night (June 2) in conjunction with the London premiere of the zombie-apocalypse thriller, World War Z. The audience filled the Horse Guard’s Parade Grounds as Brad Pitt, the film’s producer and star, spoke to press about the importance the band’s song plays in the soundtrack.

“When we started making this film a couple years ago we discussed trying to find a “Tubular Bells, which is the theme song to The Exorcist, explained Pitt. It wasn’t written for the exorcist. The Exorcist appropriated it and then it became the theme song from there. But we wanted to have that same kind of feeling.”

Pitt and crew arrived at Muse’s instrumental titled “Isolated System.” According to Pitt, the band members were reading the World War Z book when they were recording their latest album, The 2nd Law, from which the track is comes.

“We’re thrilled, we think it’s a great summer entry. We think people are gonna have just the best time with it. And, it is the most intense film of the summer,” said Pitt as he looked over the throngs of people.

World War Z opens in U.S. theaters on June 21.


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