E-LIST: Things We Don’t Want To See In Extreme Heat

Between an oil change, the gym, and an attempt at the pool, I saw A LOT of stuff I did not want to see in this extreme heat. We get it. It’s hot. No need to see all of that flesh and them some.

We got the top things we DON’T want to see in extreme heat…

#7. The pool/ ice cream place closed

#6. Wiping off your sweat on yourself

#5. People gropping… I don’t even wanna give people high 5’s in this sweaty heat…

#4. Old men not wearing shirts… just cause your old does not mean no shirt no service doesn’t apply to you…

#3. Buttcrack/ picking wedgies/ swimsuits falling off of people… you might have seen mine today at the South Park Wave Pool I apologize for that

#2. People complaining it’s hot... you want to go back to 2 ft of snow? Move to Antartica

#1. Pit stains… WEAR DEODORANT!


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