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Let’s Talk… Bras

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(Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for LACOSTE)

(Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for LACOSTE)

YES LADIES! The thing you can’t wait to throw off the second you get home is getting bigger. Probably cause we are getting bigger, but American women are getting bigger breasts!

Whether it be because of boob jobs, or hopefully genetics, the size has more than doubled! In 1983 the average bra size was a 34 B today it jumps to a whopping 34 DD! WOOO! OW OW!

So now that our boobs are bigger that just means we go through them quicker! Nothing worst than paying $70 for a bra only for it to start poking at you in the middle of a meeting. I had to cut my VS card. Not that THAT has stopped me. I guess its more of a love hate relationship for me with mine.

Rihanna hates bras! See!

How do you feel about bras? LIKE them? LEAVE them? Tweet me @Elistab

I gotta ask…

Remember to check yours!

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