Melanie Taylor’s Not So Royal Birth

Look, when you have a baby it is the happiest time of your life!  It is emotional.  It is full of love, care, pride & miracles.

Seeing Prince William and Princess Kate debut the Royal Baby yesterday was quite touching.  How amazing did Kate look?  I mean did she really just give birth to an 8lb 6oz baby boy?  It is awesome that the baby is healthy and so is Momma.

Who cares about the name?   Did you see her hair and make up?  Geez.  Flawless.  I’d expect nothing less.  The classy polka dot dress.  That glow.  Her body didn’t even look traumatized by the labor.


Well, I felt I looked just as beautiful after my first was born too.  I mean all Moms have that glow right?

After I decided last night to go look up my after birth baby picture I realized how awful I looked.

Glasses.  No make up.  A wincing look on my face of hours of pain.  The IV’s in my arm.  The gorgeous hospital gown that was 9 sizes too big.  The horrible bed head.   The only thing I noticed is that I kept earrings in during that all.

My daughter sure did look great.  Me?  Not so much.

Look here.

me and quinn

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