Bubba Show Doesn’t Find A Cheater This Time Or Do They?

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Melanie 770x433 Melanie Taylor
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On Thursdays we do Lingerie or Leave Him.  Jen thinks her boyfriend Craig is cheating because he CONSTANTLY has his cell phone attached to his hip.  She is getting curious.  She said “He even sleeps with it under his pillow at night.”

Bubba asked if she would sneak and look at his phone.  She said “I don’t know.  That is surely opening a can of worms.”

So, we called Craig to ask him.  Here is some of the things he said.

“Okay, well sure I will send lingerie.  There is only ONE person in the whole world who I would send this to.  It is……”

Who does he say?  Listen!

He says… “Jen my phone is always with me and it is part of my job. I have nothing to hide. After work you can go through all of my phones to see!”

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