Mumford & Sons Tell UK Fans They Are Neither Posh Nor Conservative

Maybe it’s because they wear suspenders, play banjos, and have a general hoedown folksy feel that we Americans don’t care (or don’t know?) that Mumford and Sons went to private school. However the band’s UK fans do, and the band would like to set the record straight for once and for all: They are neither conservative nor posh, despite the fact that they wear a lot of tweed.

In an interview with Q Magazine (via BBC), the guys talk about England’s take on the band, which see the folk group as supporters of Britain’s conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron. This rumor started after Cameron expressed that he was a fan of the band, even joking that he was the one who helped them break into America after getting them on a bill for an event at the White House.

“We don’t really care,” Marcus Mumford said about Cameron’s fandom. “We never get pissed off when anyone says they like our music.”

“There’s probably worse people who like our music,” added banjo player Winston Marshall. “Well I dunno [laughs]. What’s more annoying is to be associated with any political party, particularly if you don’t like those political parties.”

The band also talked about the difference between their English and American fans, explaining that in the United States no one seems to care about their privileged upbringing.

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