E-LIST: Top Ways to Get Out of a Date

We’ve all been in the awkward situation where you are willing to do anything to get this person out of your face. Maybe these will help.

E-LIST: Top Ways to Get Out of a Date

According to my interns…

#7. Ask for the bill Check please.

#6. Talk about marriage . Who wouldn’t be freaked out? Then again this could go the wrong way!

#5. Tell the truth It hurts.

#4. Walk out the door

#3. Say you don’t feel well. My syphilis is acting up.

#2. Call for back up! EMERGENCY #CreepWatch

#1. Get drunk!! When all else fails. Maybe they will change from nightmare into your shining knight! Or not.

Tweet me how you got out of your weird date! Tweet me @Elistab


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