Web Junk: Hot Dog Legs

Are they hot dogs or legs?

Pictures like these are blowing up your feed everywhere and ironically you can feed on these bad boys, or can’t you? Take a look at your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… you see a pair of legs yet? Or are they hot dogs?

I hope they’re legs. I can’t tell! By the way I hate hot dogs and if you do too you will want to read this!

The only clue to give you is that curl on the corners… or ketchup. Then again I wouldn’t put it passed someone in Pittsburgh to pour a little Heinz up their stems.

This site is entirely dedicated to pictures of hot dogs or legs. Now you go there and try to figure out what they are and tweet me @Elistab pictures of your ” hot dog legs”. If I said just hot dogs who knows what I would end up with.


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