E-LIST: Reasons *NSYNC Reunion NEEDS To Happen


Have you heard the news yet? Okay let me recap your 90’s for you… remember that band that you obsessed over, knew every single word to even though you forget the capitals of all the states? Maybe even drove an hour and a half to see ride in a parade? You know that band with Justin Timberlake… ( if you didn’t know he was in a band you just stop right now and go to your room and read your Mom’s Tiger Beat). *NSYNC is supposed to be having a reunion!!! AHHH!!!!! It ain’t no lie!

Never did I think this would happen. The boys were not invited to JT’s wedding, so I figured psh none of them are friends I guess no chance of a reunion. WRONG! Latest rumor going on right now is that they are set to perform at the VMA’s with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! ALL OF THEM! YESSS! JOEY, JC, JT, LANCE, CHRIS on ONE STAGE AGAIN! Please perform these 6 songs and then your entire albums, thank you.

SO yeah this better happen.

Here are my reasons:

7. We couldn’t say “BYE, BYE, BYE” Forever. I can’t walk through life thinking this band was never going to get back together like every anymore.

6. New Boybands are NOT NEARLY as talented. These boys were magicians! Not to mention puppeteers! NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Sorry 1Ders that was NOT the BEST SONG EVER!

5. People need to relive their childhood. I know a lot of you busted out your scrunchies and leg warmers for NKOTB, well the younger generation needs to relive their moment too. Don’t lie, you liked them too.

4. An entire generation DID NOT get to see them, or even know them! I’m thinking a world tour will do. At least a stop in the Burgh.

3. WE MISSED THEM! I WANT YOU BACK! It’s tearing up my heart since they’ve been GONE! And their dreads, the shiny vests, baggy jeans, puffy jackets, and matching army pants.

2. They made music that was beyond a mix of Fergie and Jesus. Their stuff was goooooooooood. Just look at JT now, yeah imagine if there were 4 more of him…


If you need any more reasons check out this picture of Chris Kirkpatrick ( born in Clarion, PA) rocking a Steelers visor or these other 48 reasons!

I thought they were GONE!

What song do you hope they perform at the #VMAs? Tweet me @Elistab!


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