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Shelley And Melanie Go TOPLESS!

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Sunday was International Go Topless Day!  It was a way for women to express their equal rights.

Hey, men get to go topless so why aren’t women able to?

That’s exactly what Melanie and I thought so we decided to go downtown to show our support!

Both women AND men walked form downtown to Point State Park to support GoTopless.org.

According to CBSPittsburgh.com, only ‘one of the women were ever completely exposed during the event. Two women wore only pasties, which is required on city property – and at Point State Park, a third woman stripped down to her bra.’

Shelly and Melanie must not have been counted.

(Please stop drooling guy..)


GoTopless.org is a group hoping to make it OK for women to walk around without shirt the way men do.

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